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Amini, EzatollahEzatollah (Nima) Amini Forest Resources (Ph.D) Mehdi Tajvidi I am working on the replacement of urea-formaldehyde resin in particleboard panels by cellulose nanofibrils as a binder.
Anderson, Ian
Forest Resources (M.S.) Jessica Leahy  I am interested in family forest owner outreach, cross boundary cooperation, and inter-generational management. More specifically, my research explores the relationship between peer learning, social capital, and engagement of beginning family forest owners in forest management.
Anderson, James
Forest Resources (Ph.D.) Mindy Crandall My research is in Forest Resource economics. I am currently focusing on analyzing the economic impact of Maine’s forest products industry, spatially modelling the economic flow of forest products from forest to producer, and estimating elasticity in the forest products market. My goal is to create a comprehensive market model of Maine’s forest based economy.
Andrews, Caitlin
Forest Resources (M.S.) Aaron Weiskittel  I am studying the effects of climate change on the distribution of the spruce-fir forest type of the Acadian Region.
Arvisais, KyleArvisais, Kyle Master of Forestry (M.F.) Shawn Fraver I am studying regeneration characteristics of bigtooth aspen (Populus grandidentata) and applying them to a revised management plan in stands 173 and 177 in the DeMeritt Forest, where a previous small gap harvest has taken place.
Ayrey, Elias
Forest Resources (Ph.D.) Daniel Hayes  My research is focused on using LiDAR and Photogrammetric 3D point clouds to estimate forest inventory attributes.
Bai, Xue Forest Resources (Ph.D.) Ivan Fernandez
Bothwell, Karin
Forest Resources (M.S.) Mindy Crandall  The state policy that protects winter habitat of white-tailed deer has long been a topic of interest to hunters, biologists, foresters, and other stakeholders in Maine.  I am analyzing the opportunity cost to private landowners of managing for deer habitat goals, and exploring ways the wintering area policy could achieve better outcomes both ecologically and economically.
Castle, MarkOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Forest Resources (M.S.) Aaron Weiskittel
Chen, CenOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Forest Resources (Ph.D.) Aaron Weiskittel
Cole, NeilaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Master of Forestry (M.F.) Aaron Weiskittel
Cooper, ClarkeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Master of Forestry (M.F.) Aaron Weiskittel Pursuing the ideal of landscape forestry for small-lot owners.
Costanza, KaraCostanza, Kara Forest Resources (Ph.D.) Shawn Fraver/William Livingston I am studying the impact of a native fungal pathogen, Caliciopsis pinea, on eastern white pine to improve current understanding and management of white pine health risks in the Northeast and Eastern United States.
Crouse, JustinCrouse, Justin Forest Resources (M.S.) Mehdi Tajvidi Temperature and humidity dependent mechanical performance of nanocellulose and its composites.
Das, Anish Ecology & Environmental Sci (M.S.) Jessica Leahy
Dixon, GarthGarth Dixon Master of Forestry (M.F.) Mindy Crandall/Laura Kenefic  I am studying how to write forest management plans to help land owners meet their goals and objectives while improving their forest stand’s health and value.
Doty, JonathanJonathan Dotty Master of Forestry (M.F.) Bob Wagner I am working with Irving Woodlands to examine their participation in Outcome Based Forestry (OBF), an alternative forest policy in the state of Maine. My work seeks to understand what it means to practice OBF, what the benefits/drawbacks are to the landowner and the state, and the impacts of the policy upon Maine’s forested landscape.
Dunckel, Kathleen
Forest Resources (Ph.D.) Steven Sader
Ellis, AmandaEllis, Amanda Forest Resources (Ph.D.) John Daigle I am exploring Wabanaki access to sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) within the context of Maine’s diminishing open land tradition.
Farber, Benjamin Forest Resources (M.S.) Douglas Gardner
Fuller, Morgan Plant Soils and Environmental Science (M.S.) Ivan Fernandez
Ghasemi, ShokoofehShokoofeh Ghasemi Forest Resources (Ph.D.) Mehdi Tajvidi  I am working on production of cellulose nanofibril (CNF) filaments to be used in advanced composite and textile structures is the area of research.
Gorman, JanetJanet Gorman Forest Resources (M.S. Jessica Leahy  I am exploring the potential for cross-boundary invasive forest pest control among community conservation leaders and landowners in northern New England using mixed methods that consider cooperation, trust, and risk perception regarding Asian longhorned beetle and emerald ash borer.
Greenlaw, SuzanneGreenlaw, Suzanne Forest Resources (Ph.D.) John Daigle
Guettler, JacobGuettler Forest Resources (M.S.) Jessica Leahy My research focuses on whether or not landowner intentions to own their property for the benefit of wildlife leads to the action of creating suitable wildlife habitat. Specifically, I am focusing on understanding the contributions of forest certification towards providing habitat for forest birds in western Maine and understanding family forest owner attitudes towards including forest bird habitat in their current forest management practices.
Hafford MacDonald, Brooke
Ecology & Environmental Sci. (M.S.) Sandra DeUrioste-Stone / David Evers  My broad interests are in applied ecology and human dimensions in wildlife conservation. Specifically, my thesis work will focus on the issues surrounding the use of lead fishing tackle and its impacts on Common Loons in Maine.
Hashemi, SayyedSeyyed Mohammad Hashemi Najafi Forest Resources (Ph.D.) Mehdi Tajvidi I am Funded by UMaine’s Paper Surface Science Program (PSSP), and am working on mechanisms involved in cracking at a fold in coated papers.
Hinkley, AmyAmy Hinkley Forest Resources (M.S.) Robert Lilieholm
Horne, Lydia
Lydia Horne Bulletin
Forest Resources (M.S.) Sandra DeUrioste-Stone   I am interested in understanding tourist and tourism stakeholder climate change risk perceptions in the Bethel, Maine area.  I hope that this knowledge will help increase the region’s adaptive capacity in the face of potential changes in visitor behavior resulting from climate change.
Jakubowski, Michael
Plant, Soil & Environmental Sci. (Ph.D.) Ivan Fernandez Multidecadal Response in Soil Carbon, Nitrogen, and Mercury to the Mt. Desert Island Fire of 1947 Using Paired Watersheds in Acadia National Park, Maine.
Johnson, Brittany
Plant, Soil & Environmental Sci. (Ph.D.) Ivan Fernandez
Kennedy, AndrewOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Master of Forestry (M.F.) Aaron Weiskittel
Knowlton, Christopher Master of Forestry (M.F.) Robert Lilieholm
Koirala, Anil
Forest Resources (M.S.) Anil Kizha  I am analyzing the problems and challenges faced by forest trucking industry in Maine and trying to determine and validate their resolutions for the state of Maine from the resolutions adopted in other parts of the US and globally.
Lachance, CodyCody LaChance Forest Resources (M.S.) Robert Wagner I am researching the long-term influence of soil disturbance following whole-tree harvesting on growth and composition of naturally regnerated spruce-fir stands in northern Maine. I am also investigating the effects of stand density and level of harvest removal on residual stem damage during commercial thinning operation in spruce-fir stands.
Langley, Cathie-Jo
Ecology & Environmental Sci.
Michael Day I have been studying the changes in nonstructural carbohydrate storage allocation patterns in response to stand level thinning and the effect of artificial defoliation on the production of secondary defensive compounds for red spruce and balsam fir species.
Legaard, KaseyLegaard Forest Resources (Ph.D.) Steven Sader I use remote sensing, geospatial analysis, and forest landscape simulation to study forest disturbance patterns, trajectories of landscape change, and the cumulative effects of interacting forest disturbance agents.
Lewis, Elizabeth
Forest Resources (M.S.) Bruce Wiersma
McEvoy, AndrewAndrew McEvoy Master of Forestry (M.F.) Jessica Leahy
Muñoz, BethanyMuñoz, Bethany Forest Resources (Ph.D.) Laura Kenefic, Aaron Weiskittel I am quantifying spatial and temporal aspects of forest site productivity within the Penobscot Experimental Forest, Bradley, Maine.
Olechnowicz, Casey Forest Resources (M.S.) Jessica Leahy
Patel, KaizadPatel, Kaizad Ecology and Environmental Sciences (Ph.D.) Ivan Fernandez
Paul, Adam Master of Forestry (M.F.) Robert Seymour
Pounch, Michael
Master of Forestry (M.F.) Robert Seymour  My project involves management of 20 year-old regeneration in a gap-based silvicultural regime within the Acadian Forest region of Maine.
Richley, AndrewRichley Master of Forestry (M.F.) Robert Seymour
Sanders, Jordan
Forest Resources (M.S.) Douglas Gardner
Sandilands, David
Dave Sandilands
Forest Resources (M.S.) Steven Sader I am evaluating the suitability of 3D image point clouds obtained through small-format aerial photogrammetry techniques to estimate local forest stand parameters.
Schlager, ErinSchlager, Erin Forest Resources (M.S.) Sandra de Urioste-Stone
Sibley, Nicholas
Master of Forestry (M.F.) Robert Seymour
Tizezew, SisayTizesew Sisay Forest Resources (M.S. Jessica Leahy Women and Environmental Degradation in Ethiopia.
Stevens, Benjamin Forest Resources (M.S.) Robert Seymour
Szwedo, Paul1929659_506474560498_586_n Forest Resources (M.S.) Robert Seymour  I am studying forest productivity and tree regeneration patterns of two natural-disturbance-inspired silvicultural systems.  My research will quantify 20-year results from the Acadian Forest Ecosystem Research Program (AFERP).
Teets, AaronAaron Teets Forest Resources (M.S.) Shawn Fraver
Thompson, MichaelMichael Thompson Forest Ecology (Ph.D.) Shawn Fraver I’m studying the composition and structure of late successional and old growth forests in the Acadian Forest of the Northeastern US.
Tripathi, Jaya
Forest Resources (M.S.) Robert Rice I am looking hygrothermal movement and thermal insulation value of Cross- Laminated Timber wall systems used in buildings.
Trosper, Stacy  Forest Resources (M.S.)  William Livingston
Uykun, Cuma
 Master of Forestry (M.F.) Aaron Weiskittel  My MF project is to study scientifically-based effective techniques that minimize the negative impacts of biological pests on seeds and plants.
Wang, LuWang, Lu Bioproducts & Bioenergy (Ph.D.) Douglas Gardner I am utilizing nature nanofibers to reinforce plastics made by additive manufacturing. This will expand the scope of the materials used in AM and the resulting products can be used in industries like construction, automobile, electronics, biomedical, packaging and etc.
Wei, Xinyuan Forest Resources (Ph.D.) Daniel Hayes
Weil, KristenKristen Weil Ecology and Environmental Sciences (M.S.) Robert Lilieholm,Chris Cronan I am modelling the relationship between watershed characteristics and stream biological community to determine stream vulnerability across the State of Maine.
Wesely, NathanNathan Wesley Forest Resources (M.S.) Shawn Fraver, Laura Kenefic
Wilkins, EmilyEmily Wilkins Forest Resources (M.S.) Sandra de Urioste-Stone I am looking at the impact of past weather on visitation and tourism-related spending in three regions of Maine to better understand how changing weather could affect tourism-dependent communities.
Yildirim, NadirYildirim, Nadir Forest Resources (Ph.D.) Stephen Shaler My research interest covers nanocomposites, micro and nano cellular structures, their cradle to grave production process and evaluation of their physical, morphological, thermal and nanomechanical properties.
Yousefi, Niloofar
Niloofar Yousefi
Forest Resources (M.S.) Mehdi Tajvidi  My research involves the production, characterization and property improvement of novel paper nano-laminates.



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