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Spotlights - 2010 Forestry Highlights

2010 Forestry Highlights

• Renovation of Nutting Hall was identified as a top priority by UMaine’s President Kennedy and received $3.5 million under Ballot Measure 2. Renovation plans are underway.

• The Friends of the School of Forest Resources was instrumental in helping raise $342,000 in private donations to support the School of Forest Resources (SFR) this year.

• SFR conferred 26 B.S. degrees and 18 graduate degrees (14 Master’s and 4 Ph.D.s), providing 24% of the Ph.D.s and 18% of the Master’s degrees awarded in the college.

• Undergraduate student enrollment was up for the second year in a row, with an additional 18 students as compared to 2007-08. This increase was primarily due to students pursuing the Forestry major.

• Over 60 students received 54 scholarships totaling nearly $125,000 from SFR endowment funds.

• SFR faculty members were awarded $1.9 million in extramural research grants and submitted $20.6 million in grant proposals.

• SFR faculty had 86 scientific articles accepted, published, or submitted in 2009-2010, compared to 75 last year.

• SFR and UMaine Extension received approval to create a new small woodlot management position to help improve our work with Maine’s family forest landowners.


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