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Spotlights - Students Showcase Forest Resources

This past June, Bennet Leon, a graduate student working towards a Master of Forestry degree, attended the Association of Consulting Foresters National Conference in Grand Rapids, Mich. Bennet developed an interest in the National Conference while attending Maine ACF chapter meetings in Waterville. In Michigan, Bennet attended a two-day course on practical business aspects and ethics of consulting forestry. He toured a local hardwood sawmill and a 600-acre certified tree farm composed of mixed hardwoods and white pine forest.
Attending the conference would not have been possible without the assistance of ACF, the School of Forest Resources, and Bennet’s advisor, Dr. Jeffrey Benjamin. Many thanks to the Chair of the Maine ACF chapter, Todd Caldwell, for his assistance in making this trip possible.
“Connecting with and asking questions of seasoned foresters was invaluable. There is much to learn from their experience,” said Bennet.

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Brittany Ross is currently a Junior in the Forestry program at the University of Maine. She enjoys many outdoor activities including running, hiking, biking, skiing, and swimming. Running is her passion in life. She ran a half marathon last year and hopes to run a full marathon (26.2 miles) this year!

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