School of Forest Resources Faculty vs. Grad Students (and Friends) Fishing Tournament and Canoe Trip

Twenty seven people attended the fishing tournament this Saturday in the 1st ever School of Forest Resources Faculty vs. Grad Students (and Friends) Fishing Tournament and Canoe Trip. The weather was cloudy and calm. Air temperature was warm for September – in the low 70s – but water temp had dropped 6 degrees since Monday to 64 degrees.

Fishing Tournament

The Graduate Students easily tromped the Faculty!

In the Faculty Division: Daigle, Kimball, Leahy, Sader, Seymour and Wagner all fought it out for top honors. Bob Seymour caught the largest fish among the faculty with a 13” bass. Bob Wagner caught the most cumulative length of fish 21.5” in two bass.

In the Graduate Student Division: The records of Rich Root, Chris Zellers, Chris Guiterman, Nal Tero, and Andrew Nelson were “somehow” lost.


Overall Best Angler Award – Matt Olson (66.7” cumulative length over 7 fish, recorded using his dbh tape to boot)

Biggest Fish Award – Julia Briedis (15.5” pickerel and 14.5” bass; 62.25” cumulative length over 5 fish)

Smallest Fish Award – Al Kimball (<4” baby bass)

Splash Award – No one flipped their canoe… this year!

Best Dressed Award – No one. Maybe the Director will order us t-shirts for next year.

Cheater Award – Rob Lilieholm. He didn’t attend, allegedly because he was actually working at a conference somewhere. Right.

Lamest Excuse for Not Participating Award – Rick Morrill for spending the weekend with Dawn celebrating their anniversary. Mike Greenwood gets a close second, alleging he gave away all his fishing tackle recently.

The Biggest Klutz Award – Bob Seymour. After breaking his rod tip off at home while loading his truck, he then crashed into the yellow boat ramp gate with his forehead while launching his canoe. THEN, he managed, along with his fishing partner, to snag three lines at once, requiring at least 15 precious minutes of fishing time to untangle. And finally, he forgot to properly charge his trolling-motor battery and thus had to actually paddle his canoe for the last 15 minutes.

Skunked Award – Too many winners in this category!

Prettiest Fish Award – Waiting on the photos… (please bring to Jessica in 219 Nutting Hall if you have any photos from the tournament)

Thanks to everyone who participated! Also, a big thanks to Bob Seymour and Carol Redelsheimer for hosting the party and awards ceremony after the tournament.

Please mark your calendars for the 2nd Annual SFR Faculty vs. Grad Students (and Friends) Fishing Tournament and Canoe Trip on the second Saturday of fall semester next year!

Some photos from the tourney are below.

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