Kathryn Gerndt

Kate Gerndt

Research Assistant and Data Manager
Penobscot Experimental Forest

Hart Building
54 Government Road
Bradley, ME 04411

  • M.S. University of Wisconsin, Madison (2012), Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development
  • B.A. University of Wisconsin, Madison (2000), Botany and Biological Aspects of Conservation

As I hail from the land of the Green Bay Packers, Cheese, and Great Lakes timber production (now primarily paper/cardboard), I developed an interest in northern forests. My interests include investigating the role of both complex woody structure and old growth trees in forested ecosystems. My master’s thesis focused on the structural characteristics of American marten habitat in northern Wisconsin, an animal at the heart of resource conflicts in the state. Subsequent research investigated the role and function of microtopography, specifically tip mounds (aka, the root mass of fallen trees), in northern Great Lakes forests. I have worked for more than a decade on various ecological research projects, primarily in forested ecosystems. I am excited to continue learning about forest ecology and further honing my data management skills in the land of Lobster and cedar shingles at one of the first and foremost experimental forests of its kind, the Penobscot Experimental Forest.