Students Visit Russia and Turkey

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Russia
Students Alissa Bougas and Ben Wasserman traveled to Russia in May as part of a UMaine course entitled “Role of Russian Government in Exploration and Development of Natural Resources.”  The students, with their faculty leaders, visited Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Syktyvkar and Syktyvkar State University—home of the Russian energy and forest products industries.  The group traveled via sleeper trains, visited the Kremlin and other sites, and stayed in the homes of local families.

Students Svenson Pulsifer and Matt Noone were awarded SFR scholarships to attend a month-long summer field course in Turkey.  Joined by 17 other students from around the world, the group traveled 4,600 km by bus and visited major cultural, climatic and geographic regions.  The trip was organized by Purdue University, Uppsala University in Sweden, and NC State. UMaine will likely play a leading role in next summer’s trip to Maine and the Maritime Provinces.