Joshua Puhlick

Photo of Joshua PuhlickJoshua Puhlick

Forest Resources (PhD)
Adviser: Aaron Weiskittel

Developing forest management strategies for addressing global climate change is one of the foremost challenges facing resource managers and policy makers today, but little is known about the impacts of alternative management regimes on carbon cycles in many forest types. My research involves evaluating the influence of 60 years of different silvicultural and harvesting regimes on carbon storage on the Penobscot Experimental Forest in Maine. My specific objectives are to evaluate: (1) the effects of four treatments (commercial clearcut, shelterwood cut, selection cut and unharvested control) on current (2012) carbon stored in live trees, standing dead trees, down coarse woody debris, understory plants, and soil, and (2) the effects of the treatments on above ground tree carbon content and carbon stored in wood products over time (1950-2012). My advisor is Aaron Weiskittel.

I attained a M.S. in Forestry at Northern Arizona University where I developed structural equation models for predicting ponderosa pine regeneration densities following restoration activities in the Southwest. I also attained a B.S. in Forestry at the University of Maine, and in Horticulture at the University of Connecticut. While completing my undergraduate studies in Maine, I worked for the NPS (Acadia NP) and Champion International Corporation. Prior to pursuing my graduate education, I was a forester for International Paper in upstate New York, and worked as a consultant forester in Vermont. I enjoy backpacking, kayaking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.