Woodsmen’s Team

IMG_6709The Woodsmen’s Team is a co-ed organization dedicated to maintaining the old woods skills and competing on the intercollegiate level throughout the Northeast and Canada. This team has been a University of Maine tradition for over 40 years. Since the beginning, men and women have competed in such events as the cross-cut and bow saw, log roll, fire building, axe throw, speed chop, pulp toss and quarter split. These events are meant to simulate the traditional logging activities from the turn of the century.

President: Bree Jarvis (brianna.jarvis@maine.edu)
Vice President:  Gradeigh Cameron (gradeigh.cameron@umit.maine.edu)
Treasurer:  Megan Woods
Assistant Quartermaster: William B. Jones (Brad)

Woodsmen Team Meets – Stats

Overall Ranking:

Mens – 2nd place

-Brad Jones

-Brendon Jones

-Gradeigh Cameron

-Ian Hay

-Mike Bunero

-Rich Fredericks

Jack and Jill – 6th place

-Bree Jarvis

-Christian Stock

-Colin Bridge-Koeningsburg

-Justin Richards

-Megan Dood

-Megan Woods

(**Alternate: Alex Parkhurst**)


1st: Obstacle Pole (Brad Jones)

1st: Pole Climb (Ian Hay)

2nd: Team Crosscut (Mens)

2nd: Crosscut to Death (Mike Bunero, Ian Hay)

2nd (tie): Axe Throw (Justin Richards, Rich Fredericks)

2nd: Standing Block Chop (Brad Jones, Bredon Giroux)

2nd: Log Split (Mike Bunero, Rich Fredericks, Ian Hay)

2nd: Bow Saw (Mens)

3rd : Disck Stack (Brendon Giroux)

3rd: Tug of War (Mens)