Teaching and Professional Engagement

Barbara Wheatland Geospatial Programs is actively involved in the undergraduate and graduate education of students within the School of Forest Resources, as well as students in other programs in the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture.

Undergraduate and graduate courses supported by Barbara Wheatland Geospatial Programs:wheatlandlab2

SFR 106 – Forest Land Navigation & Outdoor Preparedness
SFR 205 – Forest Measurements & Statistics
SFR 208 – Geomatics, Coordinate Geometry, & GPS
SFR 300 – Field Practice in Forest Resources
SFR 400 – Applied Geographic Information Systems
SFR 406 – Remote Sensing of the Forest Environment
SFR 609 – Remote Sensing Problems
INT 527 – Integration of GIS & Remote Sensing in Natural Resource Applications


Professional engagement with Maine’s forest industry and small woodland owners is also a vital part of our programs.  We provide several opportunities for continuing education with a focus on new and existing remote sensing and geospatial technologies relevant to today’s working professionals.

Professional engagement activities supported by Barbara Wheatland Geospatial Programs:wheatlandlab1

LiDAR & SfM workshops
NERCOFE GIS workshops
Maine IF&W GIS workshops
Blue Marble Geographics LiDAR workshops
Barbara Wheatland Seminar Series
Vernal pool detection & mapping
New England Forestry Foundation – conservation easement monitoring