Wheatland Seminar Series

The Barbara Wheatland Seminar Series seeks to recruit prominent speakers on advanced, cutting-edge research and applications of remote sensing and associated geospatial technology that relates to forestry, conservation, climate change, or other areas of concern.

  • The Barbara Wheatland Geospatial Seminar Series is supported by a grant from the Maine Timberlands Charitable Trust

Upcoming Seminars

Fall 2018 Seminar Flyer (PDF)

Friday October 12, 2018
Process-based modeling of spruce budworm dispersal and disturbance
Brian Sturtevant | Research Landscape Ecologist | Northern Research Station | US Forest Service

Friday November 9, 2018
Adaptive management and planning for the conservation of species in a changing climate
Jiban Chandra Deb | Postdoctoral Fellow| Forestry and Environmental Management | University of New Brunswick

Friday November 30, 2018
The Drones are Here
Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne | Director, Spatial Analysis Laboratory | University of Vermont & US Forest Service

Friday December 7, 2018
UMaine Intelligent GeoSolutions: high-value, low-cost geoinformatics for the management and study of complex landscapes
Kasey Legaard | Assistant Research Professor | Center for Research on Sustainable Forests & School of Forest Resources | University of Maine

Previous Seminars

Thursday May 5, 2016
Improving Fire Behavior Modeling through Remote Sensing
Scott Goodrick | Research Meteorologist
USDA Forest Service | Southern Research Station

Fall 2016 Seminar Flyer (PDF)

Wednesday September 7, 2016
Maine’s Geographic Information: Past, Present, and Future
Joseph Young | Director | Maine Office of GIS & Maine Library of Geographic Information
Wednesday September 21, 2016
Drones, Lasers and Images: Remote Sensing to Manage Hardwoods Better at the Northern Hardwoods Research Institute
Eduardo Bittencourt | Research Chair in Precision Forestry | Northern Hardwoods Research Institute
Wednesday October 12, 2016
What is Lidar and how can we use it for Natural Resource Management
Brent Mitchell | Lidar Specialist & Contract Leader | RedCastle Resources, Inc.
Wednesday October 26, 2016
Canopy reflectance, carbon assimilation and mysteries lurking in the light we cannot see
Scott Ollinger | Professor of Natural Resources and Earth System Science | University of New Hampshire
Friday November 4, 2016
Progress Towards Understanding the Magnitude of the Permafrost Carbon Feedback
Dave McGuire | Professor of Ecology | University of Alaska Fairbanks & Senior Scientist | USGS Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Wednesday November 30, 2016
Lidar-based Forest Inventory: From the Stand Level to the Globe
Sean Healey | Research Ecologist | USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station

Spring 2017 Seminar Flyer (PDF)

Wednesday February 22, 2017
The Future of US Forest Service Research and Development in Northern Forests
Christopher Woodall | Project Leader | Northern Forest Science and Applications, USFS Northern Research Station
Wednesday March 22, 2017
Earth’s Dynamic Forests: Pushing the Limits of Change Detectability with Remote Sensing
Warren Cohen | Professor | Oregon State University
Wednesday April 19, 2017
Adoption of Carbon Credit Programs among SFI Participants in Maine
Alison Truesdale | Coordinator | Keeping Maine’s Forests

Fall 2017 Seminar Flyer (PDF)

*all Fall 2017 seminars are held on Wednesdays at 3pm in Room 204 Nutting Hall (Plum Creek Room), unless otherwise noted

Wednesday September 13, 2017
Carbon cycle complexity on land and in the air: Challenges and solutions
Kenneth Davis | Professor of Meteorology | Penn State

*Wednesday October 4, 2017
(Note: Mitchell Center Room 107, Norman Smith Hall; 3pm)
An overview of research progress on NASA’s Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE)
Scott Goetz | Professor | School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems | Northern Arizona University

Wednesday October 18, 2017
Is terrestrial net primary production a planetary boundary for the carbon cycle?
Steven Running | Regents Professor of Ecology | University of Montana

Wednesday November 15, 2017
Designing a climate-resilient conservation network for reptiles and amphibians in the northeastern United States
Cynthia Loftin | Unit Leader and Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology | USGS Maine Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit & Dept. of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology | University of Maine

*Friday November 17, 2017
(Note: Mitchell Center Room 107, Norman Smith Hall; 3pm)
Applying Spatial Ecology to Ecosystem Management of the Northern Sierra Nevada
Matthew Johnson | USDA Forest Service
(*co-sponsored with the School of Biology and Ecology Seminar Series; Host: Brian Olsen)

Wednesday December 6, 2017
Wow..I didn’t know remote sensing could do that!
Nicholas Coops | Associate Dean, Research and Innovation & Canada Research Chair in Remote Sensing | University of British Columbia

Spring 2018 Seminar Flyer (PDF)

Wednesday March 28, 2018
Using ALS and Space LiDARs for Forest Inventory
Ross Nelson | Physical Scientist | NASA – Goddard Space Flight Center, Earth Sciences

Wednesday April 18, 2018
Remote sensing techniques for detection and diagnosis of vegetation stress or damage
Parinaz Rahimzadeh | Assistant Research Professor of Remote Sensing | School of Forest Resources | University of Maine

Wednesday April 25, 2018
State of the Carbon Cycle of North America
Richard Birdsey | Senior Scientist | Woods Hole Research Center

Wednesday May 2, 2018
Hierarchical models for sparsely sampled high-dimensional LiDAR and forest variables: An interior Alaska FIA case study
Andrew Finley | Associate Professor of Forest Management and Modeling | Departments of Forestry and Geography | Michigan State University