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Woodsmen’s Team - Home Meet


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Nicole Whitney, President
UMaine Woodsmen Team

UMaine 2013 Timbersports Meet, Rules and Information


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2014 UM home meet score sheet



Single Buck

  1. A Single competitor must cut through a round White Pine log in the shortest time possible using a crosscut saw.
  2. If a disc should break before the completion of the cut, the competitor is required to complete the cut in order to receive a score.  If the competitor cuts out they are disqualified.
  3. A starting cut of 6 inches of circumference will be allowed.
  4. Diameters will be taken and will be factored into the scoring. Scoring will be based on the fastest square inch of wood per second.
  5. One team member will be allowed to wedge the cookie and spray the saw while the competitor is sawing.
  6. Team members may sit on the log to help secure it.

Disk Stack

  1. Each competitor must provide their own steel toe boots, safety pants/chaps, eye and ear protection, and chainsaw.
  2. Stanchions will be provided to vertically support a 6″ by 6″ block of wood.
  3. The competitor will start the saw and place it on the ground.  The chain must not be moving when the saw is operating at idle rpm.
  4. There is a two minute time limit on cutting the sections on the block.
  5. No parts of the body are allowed to touch the block or cut sections while the event is running.  The saw may not be used to support or move the sections while the event is running or when completed.  (ie. The bar may not be used to move or hold the discs on the block.)
  6. The competitor will saw as many horizontal sections as they can from a 16″ portion of the block without the sections tipping over and falling to the ground.  The sections must remain on the block.  Only completely cut sections remaining stacked will count.
  7. The amount of time taken to cut the sections is recorded.  If the competitor feels that they are done, they may stop the time, by placing the chainsaw on the ground and calling time.  The competitor may not restart after this.
  8. In the case of a tie between the number of sections cut from the block by two or more competitors, the quickest time will be used as the deciding factor.

Axe Throw

  1. The axe head must be double bitted.
  2. The target must be located 20 feet from the throw line. The center of the bull’s eye must be 5 feet from the ground.
  3. 2 practice throws will be allowed. Scoring is totaled from 5 subsequent throws.
  4. Scoring areas are as follows:
    • bull’s eye – 20 points
    • inner circle – 15 points
    • outer circle – 10 points
    • outside paint, in target – 5 points
  5. If the thrown axe bisects 2 or more scoring areas, the highest value will be awarded.
  6. The axe must stick until it is scored by the judge.
  7. Crossing the throwing line before the axe hits the target will result in disqualification of that throw.
  8. Only the leading edge of the axe may score points. If both edges of the axe stick, the non-leading edge must be tapped out and the leading edge must support the weight of the axe.

Minute pulp

One member of the team will throw pulp for as many points as they can in their respective pits (men’s and women’s) in one minute. They competitor  will start with 4 pieces of pulp at one end of the pit, throw the pulp to the other end for points( same as team pulp) and then run to the other end of the pit and throw them back. And so on for 1 full minute. The total amount of points at the end of the minute is what is scored.

Obstacle Course

  1. Rules will be discussed at the meet during the captains meeting.

Stock Saw

  1. Each Team must provide their own stock saw with a minimum of a 16″ bar and a maximum 88 c.c. engine size.
  2. Competitors must wear chaps, ear and eye protection and steel-toed boots.
  3. A 8×8 hardwood cant will be provided. The wood will be marked with lines drawn completely around and 4in from the end of the block.
  4. If the drawn line is completely severed or the cut is on the other side of the drawn area, a DQ will result.
  5. At the beginning of the event, each competitor must safely start their own saw (either braced on the ground or braced in between their legs).
  6. The competitor’s hands must be resting on the top of the block and must not move prior to the starting signal.
  7. Warm up: 15 seconds to warm up saw. The event should start approximately 15 seconds after the warm up.
  8. The competitor then rests the saw idling on the ground without the chain moving.
  9. Starting prior to GO will result in a ten (10) second penalty.
  10. The competitor picks up the saw and saws a complete cut through the top of the cant followed by a complete cut through the bottom of the cant.
  11. If a disc should break, the competitor must cut another in exactly the same direction if there is allowed space.
  12. Time will stop when the second disc is cut from the cant.
  13. Missing safety gear will result in a disqualification.


Standing Block

  1. Each of the competitors shall have their own cant to chop, and must finish their own without assistance.
  2. Men’s teams shall chop 8″ by 8″ cants and women’s teams shall chop 6″ by 6″ cants.
  3. Any slabbing off of the face of the cant shall result in a disqualification, unless proper slab nails are driven completely into the cant.
  4. The second competitor must not start chopping his or her block until the first is completely done, and the first competitor cannot touch his or her block after the second competitor has begun chopping.  Violation of this stipulation will result in a disqualifaction.
  5. Time shall start on go, and shall end when the second block is completely severed and a time limit of 6 minutes will be enforced.
  6. Toe and shin guards must be worn by all competitors.

Log Roll

  1. Competitors will roll a log starting at two pins with the arrow on the butt end facing up.
  2. The log must be rolled the complete 33 feet of the course and both pins must be hit.
  3. Next the log must then be rolled back to the beginning two pins and both must be hit again.
  4. Time will stop once the log hits both the starting pins.
  5. The log must stay on the wooden rails at all times. Any fall offs will count as a disqualification.

Fire Build

  1. Using a block of cedar, one hatchet and 3 matches, the competitors must bring to a boil a mixture of soapy water.
  2. One (1) wooden cookie may be used as a splitting platform/ to build the fire on.
  3. Competitors may obtain more matches if necessary but only one (1) at a time from their judge.
  4. If any spillage from the can occurs prior to reaching a boil, a new can must be obtained from event judge or field event central. If not done a DQ will result.
  5. Time will stop when the water boils over the edge of the can.
  6. The event has a ten (10) minute time limit or it will be recorded as a disqualification.


Underhand Chop

  1. Three competitors will chop through one block each. Women will chop 6″ by 6″ cants and men will chop 8″ by 8″ cants.
  1. No team members may assist in supporting the cant. Chains, spikes or stanchions may be used.
  2. Upon completion of the first competitor’s chop the second competitor may begin, then the third when the second is finished. Should a competitor begin chopping before the previous competitor has completed, disqualification will result.
  3. Total time is taken from go until the second block is severed.
  4. Toe and shin guards must be worn by competitors.
  5. Foot extensions may not be attached to the sides of the cant for toes and heels. They may not be attached to the ends of the log to increase the length of the log.
  6. Once a competitor has completed his/her cut, he/she may not restart chopping. Disqualification will result if this takes place.
  7. Upon inspection by the judge, an incomplete cut is found, a 30 second penalty will be issued.
  8. Should a competitor be caught kicking apart the few remaining threads of an unfinished cut, or completing a cut in any other manner, a disqualification will result.
  9. Any slabbing off of the chopping face will result in a disqualification unless slab nails are placed in the block ends. Minimum slab nail size must be eight penny.
  10. A time limit of 8 minutes will be enforced.

Wood Split:

  1. Three competitors will each split 2 chunks women, 3 chunks men in the shortest time possible.
  2. The second competitor must not begin until the first competitor is finished splitting, and the third competitor may not begin until the second competitor is finished splitting. A competitor will not be allowed to split again once the next competitor has begun. Disqualification will result otherwise
  3. Blocks must be split small enough to fit into a 6” square hole. All full length pieces must be put through the hole in a plywood stand. The competitor must call time when DONE. Each full length piece not through the hole in the wood panel after time is called will equal a 2 minute penalty. Competitors must wear steel-toed boots or foot protection. Fastest time wins.
  4. Safety shin and toe guards/steel toe boots must be worn. If they come off at any time during the event, they must be put back on immediately. Time will continue to run.
  5. Unmodified, conventional axes only may be used. One per competitor. Mauls will be disallowed and will be identified at the discretion of the head judge.
  1. Replacement axes may be used in the event of breakage.
  2. A time limit of 6 minutes shall be enforced.


Bow Saw

  1. 6 team members will complete 1 cookie each in the bow saw event.
  2. 2 halves leaving the cant does constitute a complete cookie as long as they can be placed together to form a complete cookie.
  3. Competitors must re-cut immediately if a complete disc is not cut.
  4. Time will stop when the last disc is cut from the cant.
  5. Chain binders, straps or team mates may be used to assist with the securing of the log.
  6. For safety reasons, a 7th person may hold a spare saw in the event of breakage. The saw may not be handed to the competitors.
  7. A broken or bent saw tooth, or a loosened saw handle is not considered to be equipment breakage.
  8. Men’s teams will cut on 8″ by 8″ cants while women’s team shall cut on 6”x6” cants.  All team will have an allowable cutting area of 10 inches.


  1. 3 pairs of competitors must complete 2 discs each from the cant for the crosscut event.
  2. 2 halves leaving the cant does constitute a complete disc as long as they can be placed together to form a complete disc.
  3. Competitors must re-cut immediately if a complete disc is not cut.
  4. Time will stop when the final (sixth) cookie is severed from the cant.
  5. For safety reasons, a 7th person may hold a spare saw in the event of breakage. The saw may not be handed to the competitors.
  6. A broken or bent saw tooth, a broken or loosened saw handle is not considered to be equipment breakage.
  7. Men’s teams will cut on 8″ by 8″ cants while women’s team shall cut on 6”x6” cants.  All teams will have an allowable cutting area of 10 inches.

Pulp Toss

  1. The throwing pit dimensions will be:
    • 15 feet apart by 4 feet between stakes for women
    • 20 feet apart by 4 feet between stakes for men
  2. Pulp sticks will be unused at the start of the day.
  3. A team must divide with 3 members at each end of the throwing pit.
  4. Competitors will throw 4 sticks consecutively.  Each competitor must throw all sticks.
  5. A score is counted when part of the pulp stick lies between the stakes after all sticks have been thrown and have stopped moving.   A total of 48 points is needed to complete the event.
  6. If a competitor touches the sticks before they stop moving, the next 4 thrown will not count.
  7. Competitors must be behind the plane when throwing.  Should a competitor cross the plane while throwing, a foot violation will result and a warning will be given.  Any more foot violations will result in the stick not be counted.
  8. Each stick must be pulled back behind the plane of the stakes before the competitor begins.  If this is not done, the next 4 sticks thrown will not be counted.
  9. Pulp hooks or practice throws will not be permitted.
  10. There is a 10 minute time limit for this event.  Should any team reach 10 minutes, they will receive a time of 10 minutes for the event.

Scoot Load

  1. 3 logs have to be rolled with peaveys onto a scoot
  2. ** Supporting or moving the log with any part of the body will result in one warning. If a second warning is given, it will result in a disqualification.
  3. 1)The first pair to go will have to place the ramps (4 foot pulp sticks) on the scoot and then roll the first log onto the scoot.
  4. 2)The first pair runs back to the second pair and hands off the peaveys to the second pair who then roll the second log onto the scoot.
  5. 3)The second pair runs back to the third pair and hands off the peaveys to the third pair who then roll the third log onto the scoot. The third pair is also responsible for loading the ramps onto the scoot.
  6. 4)When all logs and the ramps are on the scoot the third pair yells time and the clock stops.
  7. 5)A time limit of 5 minutes will be enforced.

Relay/Mystery Event

The relay will require each team to have a pack board.  All six members will be a part of the relay in some capacity. The relay will be described at the captains meeting.


Grove Street Extension, Orono, ME 04473

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