Welcome to the School of Forest Resources Graduate Program!

At any given time, the School of Forest Resources is home to over 80 graduate students pursuing graduate degrees in various areas related to forest resources. With our first master’s student graduating in 1956, the SFR has graduated over 80 Master of Forestry, 141 Master of Science and 125 Ph.D.  students as of August 2019! Many of our graduates have become prominent scientists, faculty members and professionals in their areas of specialty. 

Top-notch technology on a traditional foundation

Excelling in the academic world for such a long time could not have been achieved without building on a sound foundation. The research and innovation at the SFR has evolved over the years going through global transitions in research questions and societal needs, contributing to our present knowledge and technology. Relying on this robust foundation, the SFR graduate students learn how to use top-notch unparalleled research equipment, technology and facilities unique to the University of Maine. Our graduate faculty are among the top scientists and researchers in the nation with research contributions going beyond national borders.

Many options to choose

Our graduate students work closely with leading experts in their field and conduct research in Maine’s North Woods, in state-of-the-art laboratories, or at a number of locations around the world. Nearly all of our MS and Ph.D. graduate students are financially supported with graduate assistantships and paid tuition. Students may choose from a wide range of specialties, including:

  • Forest ecology & management
  • Tree biology and physiology
  • Nature-based recreation & tourism
  • Natural resources economics & policy
  • Forest operations science & engineering
  • Forest-based bioproducts and wood science & technology
Grad picture collage