Robert Crowley (B.S. 1975)

Robert Crowley was recently named the winner of the 17th episode of CBS Survivor: Gabon–Earth’s Last Eden. Bob, 57, is the oldest contestant to ever win the show, and took home a $1 million prize. Crowley lives in Portland, Maine, and teaches high school physics in Gorham. Described as a cross between Indiana Jones and Robinson Crusoe, Crowley loves the outdoors and is always ready for adventure. Past exploits include first mate on a Smithsonian vessel, USDA entomologist—even a stint as a “skunk re-locater.” He’s also been active with his local teachers’ union. When not on an adventure, Bob’s interests include journal writing, story-telling, photography, bone collecting, archeology, and camping. A hearty congratulations to Bob from all of us at Nutting Hall!