Adam Daigneault – Publications

Please see my Google Scholar profile page for a full list of publications.  Additional details and working papers can be found on Research Gate.

Select publications include:

Favero, A., A. Daigneault, B. Sohngen, J.S. Baker. 2022. A system wide assessment of forest biomass sustainability. GCB Bioenergy.

Daigneault A., J.S. Baker, J. Guo, P. Lauri, A. Favero, N. Forsell, C. Johnston, S. Ohrel, B. Sohngen. 2022. How the future of the global forest sink depends on timber demand, forest management, and carbon policies. Global Environmental Change 76: 102582.

Zhao, J., A. Daigneault, A. Weiskittel. 2022. Estimating regional timber supply and forest carbon sequestration under shared socioeconomic pathways: A case study of Maine, USA. PLOS Climate, 1(5):e0000018.

Louis, L.T., A. Kizha, A. Daigneault, H. Han, A. Weiskittel. 2022. Factors Affecting Operational Cost and Productivity of Ground-Based Timber Harvesting Machines: a Meta-analysis. Current Forestry Reports 8: 38-54.

Clements, R.S., S. Birthisel, A. Daigneault, E. Gallandt, D. Johnson, T. Wentworth, M. Niles. 2021. Climate Change in the Context of Whole-Farm Systems: Opportunities for Improved Outreach. Climatic Change 166(3):1-20.

Daigneault, A., and A. Favero. 2021. Global forest management, carbon sequestration and bioenergy supply under alternative shared socioeconomic pathways. Land Use Policy 103: 105302.

Daigneault, A., A. Strong, S. Meyer. 2021. Economic and Ecosystem Benefits of Conserving Forested Watersheds. Ecosystem Services 48: 101238.

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Fernandez, M. and A. Daigneault 2020. A double win: new pathways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve water quality in New Zealand. Environmental Research Letters

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Daigneault. A. C. Johnston, A. Korosuo, J. Baker, N. Forsell, J. Prestemon and R. Abt. 2019. Developing Detailed Shared Socioeconomic Pathway (SSP) Narratives for the Global Forest Sector. Journal of Forest Economics 34:7-45.

Ausseil, A., A. Daigneault, B. Frame, E. Texiera. 2019. Towards an integrated assessment of climate and socio-economic change impacts and implications in New Zealand. Environmental Modelling and Software 119:1-20.

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