Amber Roth – Courses

SFR 207 – Forest Inventory and Management (co-taught)

A field course that will include topics such as forest inventory for harvest layout, wildlife monitoring, and best management practices in forest management and operations, and the Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association lumber grading short course.

Students need to have completed First Aid and CPR training for loggers within the past 10 months.

Prerequisites: SFR 205
Course Typically Offered: Summer
Credits: 1

SFR 349 – Applied Forest Ecology and Silviculture, Syllabus

A survey of forest ecosystem management designed for students majoring in related fields.  Lectures apply concepts in forest ecology, biology, silviculture, harvesting, wood products utilization, and economics to the protection and management of public and private forest land.  Emerging concepts and technologies relating to forest ecosystem management and sustainability are presented relative to defining and achieving land management goals and objectives.  Laboratories reinforce practical field skills in locating, inventorying, and assessing stands and forests. Lec 3 Lab 3. Course may have field trips during class times.

Prerequisites: Junior standing in EES, FSC, PRT, or WLE
Course Typically Offered: Fall
Credits: 4

WLE 250 – Wildlife Field Survey (co-taught), Syllabus

Two week field course stressing the use and application of wildlife research and management techniques, collection and analysis of biological data and the recognition of wildlife species and their habitats.

Prerequisites: WLE 100 and a C- or better in WLE 200, WLE 201, and WLE 220. Wildlife Ecology major.
Course Typically Offered: Summer
Credits: 3

WLE 431 (WLE 440) – Wildlife Management in Forestry, Syllabus

Students apply knowledge of silviculture and forestry practices to management of habitat for forest wildlife species.  This course covers concepts of wildlife ecology, biological diversity, ecological forestry, and wildlife habitat management.  Science-based applications will focus on management practices, comparison of management options, and government guidance for managing forest wildlife habitat at varying spatial and temporal scales.  Time in class is divided between two lectures (2 hr) and one lab (3 hr) period each week.  Course may include field trips during class time.

Prerequisites: SFR 408 or SFR 349 or Permission
Course Typically Offered: Spring
Credits: 3