Anil Raj Kizha – Research

My research involves forest engineering and forest products harvesting; especially, estimating the cost and productivity of mechanized operations and modelling supply chain logistics of forest products. I am particularly interested in analyzing how different kinds of harvesting practices influence biomass energy production, nutrient recycling, landscape-level fuel mitigation strategies, along with the economics and efficacy of various equipment options and alternatives. My current and future research will primarily focus on the following categories:

• Improving efficiency of timber harvesting operations
• Geospatial applications in forest operations
• Timber harvesting and wood procurement
• Forest operations planning (road, harvesting, transportation)

Current projects:

Varying Silviculture prescriptions: Cost of operations and residual stand conditions

Best Management Practices for Soil: Cost and Impacts

Evaluating economic feasibility of harvesting Small-diameter trees

Previous projects:

Allometric equations to estimate tree volume: Coastal Redwood

Forest residue recovery and cost:

Modelling biomass logisitics: Cost and productivity