Laura Kenefic – Graduate Students

In addition to serving on graduate student committees, I have advised or co-advised the following graduate students:

Maren Granstrom (M.S.) – Maren is conducting a comprehensive assessment of long-term commodity and non-commodity outcomes of silvicultural treatments in northern conifers, and developing outreach materials for landowners and the public. She is co-advised by Mindy Crandall.

Garth Dixon (M.F.) – Garth is developing a forest management plan for a University of Maine property.  He is co-advised by Mindy Crandall.

Bethany Muñoz (Ph.D., 2017) – Bethany assessed the productivity implications of silvicultural treatments and harvesting systems in northern mixedwood stands. She was co-advised by Aaron Weiskittel.

Jeffrey Lombardo (M.S., 2014) – Jeff’s research examined the effects of mechanized partial harvesting on forest vegetation composition and structure on commercial forest land.  He was co-advised by Jeremy Wilson.

Sarah Johnson (M.S., 2012) – Sarah compiled long-term data from multiple experimental forests to assess the relative influence of silvicultural treatment and site on forestry outcomes across a climate gradient.  She was co-advised by Aaron Weiskittel.

Katherine Berven (M.S., 2011) – Kate used historical data from experimental forests to model browsing impacts, regeneration, and recruitment.  She was co-advised by Aaron Weiskittel.

Justin Waskiewicz (Ph.D., 2011) – Justin studied growth and development of northern red oak and eastern white pine in mixedwood stands.  He was co-advised by Robert Seymour.

Catherine Larouche (Ph.D., 2009) – Catherine investigated the ecology and management of northern white-cedar through manipulative and retrospective studies in Maine and Quebec.  She was co-advised by Jean-Claude Ruel.

Elizabeth Bryce (M.S., 2009) – Liz investigated how silvicultural treatment, soil drainage, and land use history are related to the distribution of understory plants.

Philip Hofmeyer (Ph.D., 2008) – Phil studied the ecology and silviculture of northern white-cedar, including site influences on growth, development, and production ecology.  He was co-advised by Robert Seymour.

Jamie Weaver (M.S., 2007) – Jamie’s research examined the effect of silvicultural treatment on availability and use of tree regeneration substrates.

Elizabeth Baldwin (Ph.D., 2006) – Betty used qualitative research to explore a large-scale land conservation vision for Maine’s northern forest.  She was co-advised by Wil LaPage.

Andrew Reinmann (M.S., 2006) – Andy conducted a study of the effects of harvest intensity on soil productivity and red spruce dendrochemistry and growth response.

Michael Maguire (M.F., 2006) – Mike’s study investigated rehabilitation options for northern hardwood stands following diameter-limit cutting.