Mehdi Tajvidi – Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students:

Alex Collins, Master’s student

Alex’s project is on the application of contact dewatered CNF for additive manufacturing feedstock production

Rakibul Hossain, Master’s student

Rakibul’s project is on binder applications of CNF and LCNF for packaging applications.

Md. Ikramul Hasan, Master’s student

Ikram is working on renewable packaging materials made from cellulose nanofibrils.

Md. Musfiqur Rahman, Ph.D. student

Musfiqur’s project is focused on nanocellulose-based filters for heavy metal removal from water.

Wenjing Sun, Ph.D. student

Wenjing is working on a project to produce hybrid panels that are made using CNF and a naturally grown fungus-based resin. Her research examines other applications of mycelium as well.

Justin Crouse, Master’s student

Justin is working on the evaluation of mechanical and viscoelastic properties of transparent CNC and CNF reinforced PVA films.



Niloofar Yousefi, Master’s student, graduated December 2016

Niloofar’s research involved the production, characterization and property improvement of novel paper nano-laminates.

Seyyed Mohammad Hashemi Najafi, Ph.D. student, Graduated December 2018

Funded by UMaine’s Paper Surface Science Program (PSSP), Mohammad worked on mechanisms involved in cracking at a fold in coated papers.

Shokoofeh Ghasemi, Ph.D. student, Graduated May 2019

Production of cellulose nanofibril (CNF) filaments to be used in advanced composite and textile structures is the area of research Shokoofeh worked on.

Ezatollah (Nima) Amini, Ph.D. student, Graduated December 2019

Nima worked on the replacement of urea-formaldehyde resin in particleboard panels by cellulose nanofibrils as a binder as well is developing renewable binders from lignin-containing CNF (LCNF) for composite panels.