Parinaz Rahimzadeh-Bejgiran – Courses

SFR 400 – Applied Geographic Information Systems, Syllabus

An introduction to the methods and processes for the application of geographic information systems to natural resource management. Emphasis is placed on project planning and hands-on experience in systems operation. Course may include field work outside of the course’s scheduled times.
Prerequisites: MAT 122 or a passing score on UM Math Placement Exam #3.
Semester Typically Offered: Spring
Credits: 4


SFR 555 – Advanced Remote Sensing, Syllabus

Advanced remote sensing course, This course is a graduate-level course and students need to have basic remote sensing knowledge and be familiar with its concepts, sensors, and platforms (suggested pre-requisites: SFR-406 or INT-527 or instructor’s permission).

Semester Typically Offered: Fall
Credits: 3


SFR 609-Remote Sensing Problems

This is a directed or independent study on a remote sensing, geospatial topic mutually agreed upon by the student and instructor.

Semester Typically Offered:

Credits: 1-3