Stephen Shaler – Selected Publications

—- 2020 —-

Yildirim, N., S.M. Shaler, W. West. E. Gajic, R. Edgar. 2020. The usability of Burger body model on determination of oriented strand boards’ creep behavior. Advanced Composite Letters.

Gardner, C., W.G. Davids, R.Lopez-Andio, B. Herzog, R. Edgar, E. Nagy, K. Berube, and SM. Shaler. 2020. The effect of edge gaps on shear strength and rolling shear modulus of cross laminated timber panels. Construction and Building MaterialsVolume 259, 30 October 2020.

Ghasemi, S., P. Rahimzadeh-Bajgiran, M. Tajvidi, and S.M. Shaler. 2020. Birefringence-based orientation mapping of cellulose nanofibrils in thin films. Cellulose 27, 677–692 (2020).

—- 2018 —-

Ghasemi, S., Tajvidi, M., Gardner, D., Bousfield, D., and S.M. Shaler. 2018. Effect of wettability and surface free energy of collection substrates on the structure and morphology of dry-spun cellulose nanofibril filaments. Available:

—- 2017 —-

Davids, W., N. Willey, R. Lopez-Anido, S. Shaler, D. Gardner, R. Edgar, and M. Tajvidi. 2017 Structural Performance of Hybrid SPFs-LSL Cross-Laminated Timber Panels. Construction & Building Materials. Vol 149: pages 156-163.

Zeki, C., S.M. Shaler, J.J. Paredes Heller, R. Edgar. 2017. Enhancing dimensional stability of oriented strand composites wihtin biorefinery. Maderas: Ciencia y Tecnologia. 19(3):387-398.

Paredes, J.J., S. Shaler, C. Howell, J. Jakes. 2017. Influence of hot water extraction on cell wall and OSB strand mechanics. Wood Science & Technology. First online 12 SEP 17.

—- 2016 —-

N. Yildirim and S. M. Shaler. 2016. Nanomechanical properties of cellulose nanofibrils (CNF), “MRS Advances”, 1 (10) 639-644 DOI:, 2016.

Candan, Z., D.J. Gardner, and S.M. Shaler. 2016. Dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA) of cellulose nano fibril/nanoclay/pMDI nano composites. Composites Part B: 90:126-132.

—- 2015 —-

Blumentritt, M., D.J. Gardner, B.J. W. Cole, and S.M. Shaler. 2015. Influence of hot-water extraction on ultrastructure and distribution of glucomannans and xylans in poplar xylem as detected by gold immunolabeling. Holzforschung. SSN (Online) 1437-434X, ISSN (Print) 001803830, DOI: 10.1414/hf-2015-0030, May 2015.

—- 2014 —-

N. Yildirim, N, S.M. Shaler, D.J. Gardner, R.W. Rice, and D.W. Bousfield 2014. Cellulose nanofibril (CNF) reinforced starch insulating foams. Cellulose: 21(6):4337-4347

N. Yildirim, S.M. Shaler, D.J. Gardner, R. Rice and D.W. Bousfield. 2014. Cellulose Nanofibril (CNF) Reinforced Starch Insulating Foams. MRS Proceedings, 1621, mrsf13-1621-d03-04 doi:10.1557/opl.2014.1.

—- 2012 —-

Tamrakar, S, S.M. Shaler, R. Lopez-Anido, D.J. Gardner, C.H. West, Y. Han, and R. Edgar. 2012. Mechanical property characterization of hybrid wood-polypropylene composite panels manufactured using double belt pressing technology. J. of Materials in Civil Engineering. 24(9):1193-1200.

—- 2011 —-

Earles, M, A Halog, and S. Shaler. 2011. Improving the environmental profile of wood panels via co-production of ethanol and acetic acid. Environmental Science & Technology. 45(22):9743-9749.

Lagana, R., W.G.  Davids, L. Muszynski, and S.M. Shaler. 2011. Moment-curvature analysis of coupled bending and mechanosorptive response of red spruce beams. Wood and Fiber Sci. 43(3):280-292.

Perry, S, A. Pugel, W. Halteman, S. Shaler. 2011. Strand movement during oriented strand composite mat formation. Forest Products Journal. 60(7/8):567-574.

—- 2010 —-

Cheng, Q., L. Muszynski, S.M. Shaler, and J. Wang. 2010. Microstructural changes in wood plastic composites due to wetting and re-drying evaluated by X-ray microtomography. Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation. 29(4), 207-213.

Cheng, Q. and S.M. Shaler. 2010. Moisture movement in wood polypropylene composites. Eur. J. Wood. Prod. 68:463-468.

Paredes, JJ, S.M. Shaler, R Edgar, and B Cole. 2010. Selected volatile organic compound emissions and performance of oriented strandboard from extracted southern pine. Wood and Fiber Science. 42(4):1-10.

—- 2009 —-

Q. Cheng, S.M. Shaler, and J. Wang. 2009. Mechanical Performances of Wood Polypropylene Composite due to Extended Moisture Immersion. Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials. 22:321-333.

Paredes, J.J., R. Mills, S.M. Shaler, D. J. Gardner, and A. van Heiningen. 2009. Surface Characterization of Red Maple Strands after Hot Water Extraction. Wood and Fiber Science. 34(1):1-13.

—- 2008 —-

Paredes, J.J., S.M. Shaler, and A. van Heiningen. 2008. Influence of hemicellulose extraction on physical and mechanical behavior of OSB. 58(12):56-62.

Ozaki, Y., D. Bousfield, and S.M. Shaler. 2008. Characterization of coating layer structural and chemical uniformity for samples with backtrap mottle. Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal.23(1):8-13.

—– 2007 —-

Gaete-Martinez, V., and S.M. Shaler. 2007. Influence of log temperature in irregularities on strand geometry detected by digital image analysis. Maderas: Cinca y technoliga. 9(3):211-221.

Tze, W. T. Y., S. C. O’Neill, C.P. Tripp, D.J. Gardner, and S.M. Shaler. 2007. Evaluation of load transfer in the cellulosic-fiber/polymer interphase using a micro-Raman tensile test. Wood and Fiber Sci. 39(1):184-195.

—- 2006 —-

Cyr, P-L, B. Riedl, X-M Wang, and S. M. Shaler. 2006. Urea-melamine-formaldehyde (UMF) resin penetration in medium-density fiberboard (MDF) wood fibers. J. Adhesion Science and Technology. Vol. 20(8):787-801.

Oazki, Y., D.W. Bousfield, and S.M. Shaler. 2006. Observation of ink penetration into coated paper by confocal laser scanning microscope. J. of Graphic Tech.,3(1):50-58.

Ozaki, Y., D.W. Bousfield, and S.M. Shaler. 2006. The characterization of polyamide epichlorohydrin resin in paper – relationship between beating degree of pulp and wet strength. Appita J. 59(4):326-329.

Muszynski L, R. Lagana, and S.M. Shaler. 2006. Hygro-mechanical behavior of red spruce in tension parallel to the grain. Wood and Fiber Science. 38(1): 155-165.

Ozaki, Y., D.W. Bousfield, and S.M. Shaler. 2006. Three-dimensional observation of coated paper by confocal laser scanning microscope. TAPPI J. 5(2):3-8.

—- 2005 —-

Xing, C., B. Riedl, A. Cloutier, and S.M. Shaler. 2005. Characterization of urea formaldehyde resin penetration into medium density fiberboard fibers. Wood Science & Technology. 39(5):374-384.

Ozaki, Y., D.W. Bousfield, and S.M. Shaler. 2005. Three dimensional characterization of ink penetration by confocal scanning laser microscopy. J. Pulp and Paper Science. 31(1):48-52.

Muszynski L, R. Lagana, S.M. Shaler, and W. Davids. 2005. Comments on the experimental methodology for quantitative determination of the hygro-mechanical properties of wood. Holzforschung.. 59(2):232-239.

—- 2004 —-

Smith PM, Zink-Sharp A, Stokke DD, Wolcott MP, Shaler SM. 2004. Setting the research agenda for wood – If not now, when? Wood and Fiber Science. 36(3): 289 – 290.

Yelle D, Goodell B, Gardner, DJ, Amirbahman, A., Winistorfer, P., Shaler, S.M. 2004. Bonding of wood fiber composites using a synthetic chelator-lignin activation system. Forest Products Journal 2004 54(4): 73-78.

—- 2003 —-

Davis, E., S.M. Shaler, and B. Goodell. 2003. The incorporation of paper deinking sludge into fiberboard. Forest Projects Journal. 53(11/12):46-54.

Deresse, T., R.K. Shepard, and S.M. Shaler. 2003. Microfibril angle variation in red pine (Pinus resinosa Alt.) and its relation to the strength and stiffness of early juvenile wood. Forest Products Journal. 53(7/8):34-40.

Muszynski, L., M.E.P. Walinder, C. Pirvu, D.J. Gardner, and S.M. Shaler. 2003. Application of droplet dynamics analysis for assessment of water penetration resistance of coatings. Pages 463-478 In: Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion. vol. 3, Editor K.L. Mital.VSP. Utrecht the Netherlands.

—- 2002 —-

Muszynski, L., F. Wang, and S.M. Shaler. 2002. Short-term creep tests on phenol-resorcinol-formaldehyde (PRF) resin undergoing moisture content changes. Wood and Fiber Sci. 34(4):612-624.

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Groom, L., S.M. Shaler, and L. Mott. 2002. Mechanical properties of individual southern pine fibers. Part III. Global relationships between fiber properties and fiber location within an individual tree. Wood and Fiber Sci. 34(2):221-237.

—- 2000 —-

Prall, K.M., S.M. Shaler, and P.F. LePoutre. 2000. Pigmented latex coatings: Microstructure and viscoelastic mechanical properties. Nordic Pulp and Paper Research J. 15(5):240-247.

—- Last Millenium  —-

Wang, H., and S.M. Shaler. 1998. Computer simulated three dimensional microstructure of wood fiber composite materials. Journal of Pulp and Paper Sci. 24(10):380-386.

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