Chapman Lot

Chapman, 144 miles from campus

736 acres

Owner: University of Maine

History: The woodlot has been owned by the University of Maine System since the 1950’s. The property was described as “over-mature with aspen and in need of thinning” by one of the University foresters in the 1970’s, but knowledge of the property was lost shortly thereafter. In the early 2000’s, the USDA contacted the UMaine System about conducting a harvest around the perimeter of a potato field where they were conducting research. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the University owned the deed to the field and the surrounding forest. It has been assumed that the University gave permission to the USDA to conduct research, although neither party is in possession of any documentation.

Current Uses:  Since its rediscovery, the primary goal of management has been to produce raw materials for sale to generate revenue for the University Forest Office, with secondary goals of supporting wildlife habitat (i.e. deer overwintering areas).

Potential Uses: For more information, please contact the University Forest Manager.