MAFES/Farm Holdings

Chapman, Presque Isle, Jonesboro, Monmouth, Old Town, Orono, Whitneyville

History: Since the combining of the College of Forestry and the College of Agriculture, all woodlands within the college have been put under the management of the University Forests Office.

Description: The various research facilities within the Maine Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station have woodlot ranging in size from approximately 500 acres at Aroostook Farms, to 50 acres at the Jonesboro (Blueberry Hill) facility. These woodlots remain in control of their primary managers, with the woodlands manager available to advise them on forest management issues.

Current Uses: Because each of the different facilities has a specific research objective, the woodland areas are of secondary importance. However, the College believes that all natural resources available should be properly utilized and managed.

Potential Uses: These individual woodlots could be available for use by the College for various purposes, at the discretion of the unit manager.