Penobscot Experimental Forest

Bradley and Eddington, 15 miles from campus
3,857 acres

Owner: University of Maine Foundation

History: This forest was donated to the University by a consortium of industrial forest landowners in 1994. The forest had previously been leased to the US Forest Service for conducting research in spruce/fir forest types.

General Description: This forest contains a variety of forest types. A good interior road system provides excellent access for all uses. The US Forest Service has conducted research on this forest for several decades. Although owned now by the University, the US Forest Service continues their research under a memorandum of agreement with the University.

Current Uses: The US Forest Service continues its research program today. The College has several research initiatives underway as well. The University Forests Office will be developing a forest management plan for this forest over the next two years.

Potential Uses: The primary objective of this forest is to provide research opportunities. Proposed uses are subject to review and approval by a forest research operations team composed of members from the College, the Experiment Station, and the US Forest Service research unit in Orono.


Please visit the USDA website for more information on the Penobscot Experimental Forest!