FTY 101 – Introduction to Forest Resources

FTY 101 – Introduction to Forest Resources

Spend a week in the Maine woods learning field skills and discovering the diversity of the forest and its uses.

  • Get into the woods and:
    • Find your way with compass and pacing
    • Use an axe and build a campfire
    • Locate property boundaries
    • Produce a forest-type map
    • Complete an ecological inventory
  • Perform trail maintenance and learn about helping people use the forest for recreation
  • Visit a woodlot with a forester to observe
    • How management plans are developed
    • How harvesting operations are done responsibly
  • Relate ecological findings to strategies for favoring natural regeneration of the forests
  • Visit the Robbins Lumber Mill and discover how modern operations let no wood go to waste
  • Work with faculty in the woods
  • Work with and enjoy the company of others at the Tanglewood Camp
    • Great food!
    • Cabins with bunk beds
    • Field games
    • Campfires
  • Start your college career with the advantage of new friends and faculty contacts

All UMaine students and interested high school seniors are invited to attend.  The class will take place the week before Labor Day (August 24-29, 2008).  For more information, contact:

Dr. William H. Livingston
School of Forest Resources
University of Maine
5755 Nutting Hall
Orono, ME  04469