Marie-Cecile Gruselle

Dr. rer. nat. Marie-Cécile GruselleGruselle2015
Research Areas: Forest Soils, Nutrient Cycling, Carbon sequestration
Phone: 207–581-2929
Office: 116 Deering Hall

Bio: Dr. Gruselle received her Agricultural Engineer Degree, specialization Forestry, (2002) from the Agricultural University of Gembloux (Belgium, now Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech University of Liège). She received her PhD in Environmental and Forest Sciences (2009) from the Albert-Ludwigs University (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany) studying litter decomposition in mixed Norway spruce – European beech forests. Prior to coming to Maine in May 2012, she worked as an exchange research Fellow at Utah State University (2009) and as a post-doctoral scientist at the Friedrich-Schiller University (Jena, Germany, 2010-2012) where she investigated the effects of tree species on root processes (rhizodeposition) as well as the effects of disturbances (drought, aphid infestation) on carbon allocation in a plant-soil system. In the School of Forest Resources at the University of Maine, she first worked as a  post-doctoral scientist on a project entitled “Biogeochemical controls on altered nitrogen cycling in the third decade of whole-watershed simulated N deposition” funded by the National Science Foundation (2011-2015). She is currently working in the scope of a USDA-NSRC funded project entitled “Nitrogen controls on detrital organic matter dynamics in the Northern Forest” (2016-2018).

Current Research: The central theme of my research lies in species – soil interactions. Specifically, my research activities in the Forest Soils Program at the University of Maine focus on investigating the effects of long-term (> 25 years) acidification and nitrogen (N) fertilization on soil processes such as N mineralization and retention, dead woody debris decomposition, and soil organic matter sequestration using the heavy N isotope (15N) as ecosystem tracer. Furthermore, my research also focuses on the effects of changing environmental conditions and tree species composition on the cycling of N, P, bases cations,  and Mn in forested ecosystems using a variety of approaches in the field and in the laboratory. My research takes place at the Bear Brook Watershed in Maine (see

Recent Publications

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Gruselle, M.-C. 2010. Litter decomposition in mixed spruce-beech stand. Freiburger Forstliche Forschung Bericht, Volume 46, PhD Thesis, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg, 182 p.