Current Research:  The Forest Soils program focuses on nutrient and metal cycling in forested ecosystems, with a focus on soil processes. Research is largely associated with critical environmental issues such as climate change, carbon in forest ecosystems, acid deposition, sludge and ash land spreading, and the effects of forest harvesting on the biogeochemistry of forests. Research activities include field research on regional, watershed, and plot scales, as well as greenhouse and laboratory studies. This research is carried out through the efforts of post-doctoral scientists, technicians, graduate students, and undergraduate student workers. We are also greatly interested in climate change effects, adaptation, and opportunity.  Funding for research is derived through the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of Maine, with most of the fiscal support through grants from the National Science Foundation, USDA Forest Service, US Environmental Protection Agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the forest products industry. Graduate students are highly integrated into this research and typically develop their own research problem that complements the existing program. Assistantship support is from departmental assistantships or from extramural funding.