Mehdi Tajvidi – Courses

SFR 215 – Introduction to Forest Bioproducts and Bioenergy, Syllabus

Introduction to renewable products (including energy) derived from the forest.  The fundamentals of their production systems will be described through required wood forms (i.e. log diameter/species) and processing systems.  The attributes and use of these products will be described from physical, chemical, mechanical, biological, and lifecycle perspectives.
General Education Requirements: Satisfies the General Education Applications of Scientific Knowledge Requirement.
Prerequisites: MAT 122 and CHY 121 and CHY 123
Course Typically Offered: Spring
Credits: 3

SFR 453 – Biocomposite Materials (co-taught with Douglas Gardner), Syllabus

A comprehensive analysis of the influence of materials and processing parameters on the chemical, physical and mechanical properties of biocomposite materials. Principles of adhesion and adhesives technology and their impact on biocomposite manufacture and performance will be addressed. Laboratories will provide practical experience in the manufacture and evaluation of a variety of biocomposites produced using hot pressing, cold pressing, extrusion, and injection molding. Lec 3, Lab 3
Prerequisites: CHY 121 and CHY 123; SFR 215, SFR 450 and PHY 107 or PHY 111.
Course Typically Offered: Spring, Even Years
Credits: 4

SFR 570 – Cellulose Nanomaterials and their Composites, Syllabus

Comprehensive coverage of the production, characteristics, processing, applications and performances of renewable nanomaterials and their composites. The graduate level course will provide fundamental information on various types of cellulose nanomaterials as well as their performance in target applications. Students may be required to conduct individual/team experiments, visit production sites and hold informal meetings as scheduled along the course of the semester outside the original time frame.
Prerequisites & Notes
Recommendation of the student’s advisory committee or permission of the instructor.
Credits: 3