William Livingston – Research


Costanza, Kara, W.H. Livingston, S. Fraver, R.W. Rice, I. Munck, W. Ostrofsky, K Lombard. 2015-2018. Impact of Caliciopsis canker on white pine wood quality and lumber yield. USDA ARS Wood Utilization.  $128,273.

Munck, Isabel, W.H. Livingston, K. Lombard, W.D. Ostrofsky, Kirk Broders.  2016-2018.  Lumber Yield Based on Caliciopsis Symptom Severity Ratings.  USDA Forest Service STDP Program, $11,300 to UMaine

Livingston, W.H.  2014-2018.  Extent and severity of Caliciopsis canker of white pine:  risk assessment, evaluation of silvicultural management tools, and diagnostic assay development. USDA Forest Service, Evaluation Monitoring Program, $77,730 to UMaine.

Daigle, J., D. Ranco, D. Hart, W.H. Livingston.  2014-2015.  Sustaining Wabanaki Traditions through Adaptations: Preparing for the Emerald Ash Borer in Maine.  Northern States Research Cooperative Theme One.  $58,178.