Henderson Old Town

Old Town, 7 miles from campus

885 acres

Owner: University of Maine Foundation

History: The lot was donated to the University of Maine Foundation in the late 1990’s. Almost the entire lot experienced a very heavy harvest before it was donated.

Current Uses:  The lot is managed for timber income and wildlife habitat. The forest is still recovering from the pre-acquisition harvest and no commercial harvests have yet take place, although some precommercial thinning was done in 2004. Due to its harvesting history much of the lot is occupied by early successional intolerant hardwoods.  The lot is used extensively by hunters for bear, upland birds and deer.  There is currently a woodcock study ongoing on the lot headed by Dr. Eric Blomberg.  Future management will focus on maintenance of quality upland bird habitat using rotational aspen management.

Potential Uses: This lot provides an excellent opportunity for research and class work related to upland bird and early successional species management.