Highmoor Farm

Monmouth, 99 miles from campus

214 acres

Owner: University of Maine

History: The University of Maine purchased the first pieces of what would become Highmoor Farm in 1909. The property was established as an experimental farm with a focus on apple-related research.  Since its inception, much of the research has focused on finding suitable rootstock and apple cultivars that can tolerate the Maine climate. Several new varieties of sweet corn, cucumbers, a cantaloupe, a tomato, two strawberries, and an apple were all developed at Highmoor Farm. Part of the property also includes a small woodlot, which is managed by the University Forest Office.

Current Uses: While a lot of the research at Highmoor Farm is related to apples, the experimental farm is known as a fruit and vegetable research facility.

Potential Uses: Please contact the University Forest Manager for more information.