Nathaniel G. Whittier Woodlot

Farmington Falls, 85 miles from campus
70 acres

History: This woodlot was given to the University in 1985, to be managed by the University Forests Office. It has been under management of the Maine Forest Service since the 1950’s with cultural operations carried out each decade since that time.

General Description: The woodlot comprises of approximately 70 acres of sawtimber-sized white pine. All stands have been thinned in the 1980’s. There have been previous cultural operations on the lot dating to the 1950’s. The lot is very accessible, bordering Route 156 and the Sandy River.

Current Uses: This woodlot is managed for multiple use; primarily timber production. Harvesting operations have been conducted by the forestry program at Foster Technical Center, in Farmington. The lot has also been used for Certified Logging Professional training.

Potential Uses: This woodlot has potential as a study site for research in white pine growth and management.