Daniel Hayes – Courses

SFR 406 | Remote Sensing of the Forest Environment, Syllabus

3 credits | Lecture and Lab

In this course, students learn the key concepts and rationale underlying the acquisition, interpretation, processing and presentation of remote sensing imagery for forestry and natural resources applications. Students are introduced to a wide array of remote sensing technology, methods and applications, including: airphoto interpretation; digital photogrammetry; satellite image analysis; and LiDAR forest inventory. With an emphasis on hands-on demonstrations and laboratory exercises, students gain proficiency in working with digital imagery and other geospatial data using ArcGIS and other tools, including vegetation indices, forest classifications, land cover change maps and three-dimensional point clouds.

INT 527 – Integration of GIS and Remote Sensing Data Analysis in Natural Resource Applications, Syllabus

Analysis of satellite imagery and GIS data bases including applications of raster and vector models, land cover analysis and forest change detection, wildlife habitat analysis, hydrological assessment, and landscape characterization.
Prerequisites & Notes
permission of instructor; senior or graduate standing.
Credits: 3

SFR 605 | Forest Ecosystem Science

3 credits | Lecture and Discussion

This course covers the principles of ecosystems ecology, with an emphasis on their application to forest ecosystems. Ecosystem ecology addresses the stores and fluxes of materials and energy through living (plants, animals, microbes) and non-living (soils, atmosphere) components of ecological systems. This is student-oriented, faculty-led reading and discussion course explores the factors that influence ecosystem structure and function; the processes that influence carbon and nutrient cycling in ecosystems; the role of disturbance on these processes; and the integrated effects of these processes at various scales. Our goal is to develop a solid understanding of the links between ecosystem structure and function.

SFR 609 | Remote Sensing Problems

Variable 1-3 credits
This is a directed or independent study on a remote sensing, geospatial topic mutually agreed upon by the student and instructor.