John Daigle – Graduate Students

Cooper, Ashley (current) Allagash Wilderness Waterway. M.S.

Beck, Leah (current) Appalachian Trail Hikers and Baxter State Park Management. M.S.

Sutton, Tony (current) Food Security and Wabanaki Tribes. Ph. D.

Greenlaw, Suzanne (current) Emerald Ash Borer and Sustaining Cultural Practices. Ph. D.

Michelle, Natalie (current) Ph. D. (D. Ranco, co-advisor)

Ellis, Amanda. 2016.  Wabanaki access to sweetgrass (Hierochloe Odorata) within coastal Maine’s diminishing open land tradition.  Ph.D. Dissertation.

Quartuch, Michael. 2014. Sustaining forests through social, environmental, and community psychology constructs. Ph. D. Dissertation.

Collum, Kourtney. 2012.  Testing the feasibility of using an intelligent transportation system to encourage shuttle use at Rocky Mountain National Park. M.S. Thesis.

Dougherty, Kevin.  2011.  Rock climbing experience and climbing management plan implications in Acadia National Park.  M.S. Thesis. 85 p.

Utley, Lindsay.  2010.  Private landowners and public access in the northern forest: an analysis of landowner liability concerns and other characteristics that influence posting. M.S. Thesis 58 p.

Kim, Min K.  2010.  Monitoring vegetation change by using remote sensing: an examination of visitor-induced impact at Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park.  Ph. D. Dissertation. 272 p.

Ednie, Andrea J.  2007.  Sharing a landscape: the construction of sense of place on the Maine coast. Ph. D. Dissertation. 127 p.

Munding, Elizabeth.  2006.  Tourism stakeholders envision sustainable path: strengthening Maine’s No. 1 industry through the Blaine House Conference recommendations.  M.S. Thesis. 205 p. (W. LaPage, co-advisor)

Hannon, James G.  2004.   Place needs and client outcomes of wilderness experience programs in Maine. M.S. Thesis. 165 p.

Craig Riordan N. 2000. The development and implementation of national park standards. Ph. D. Dissertation.  285 p.

John Warpeha R. 1998.  Design and implementations of an outdoor forestry program for children with diabetes. Ph. D. Dissertation. 216 p.