Shawn Fraver – Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

Colby Bosely-Smith (Ph.D.) Advise. Topic: Dynamics of coastal spruce forests

Christian Hettwer (M.S.) Advise. Topic: Methane flux from trees

Rachel Poppe (M.S.) Advise. Topic: CO2 flux from deadwood

Camilla Seirup (M.S.) Advise. Topic: Sixty years of change in coastal spruce forests


Former Graduate Students (University of Maine)

Colby Bosely-Smith (M.S.)

Dave Ray (Ph.D.)

Zoe Read (M.S.)

Jeanette Allogio (M.S.)

Maggie Mansfield (M.S.)

Jack Kilbride (M.S.)

Erin Fien (M.S.)

Aaron Teets (M.S.)

Kara Costanza (Ph.D.)

Nathan Wesely (M.S.)

Elias Ayrey (M.S.)