SWIFT: Supporting Women in Forestry Today

The profession of forestry has always been made up primarily of men, but that doesn’t mean women in the field are out of place – we just have our own approach to success.  In 2015, a group of faculty and grad students in the School of Forest Resources formed SWIFT: Supporting Women in Forestry Today, as one way to address the challenges we might face as women in forestry.  We have regular meetings open to all women in the SFR – undergrads, Masters and PhD students, researchers, and faculty – to discuss relevant topics such as career preparation and communication styles, to hear from guest speakers, and to provide a safe place for women to learn.  Ultimately we are focused on fostering a community atmosphere that can serve to encourage and empower women in forestry to succeed.

Planning Team: 

Savannah Haines (BS 2018)
Erin Schlager (MS 2017)
Karin Bothwell (MS 2017)
Kara Costanza (PhD 2017)
Laura Kenefic (Research Forester)
Marie-Cecile Gruselle (Asst. Research Faculty)
Mindy Crandall (Asst. Professor)
Jessica Leahy (Interim Assoc. Director: College of Natural Sciences, Forestry & Agriculture)