Jay Wason – Courses

Current courses

SFR 100 – Introduction to Forest Biology
Introductory concepts related to forest plants, animals, environment and ecology.
Course Typically Offered: Spring every year
Credits: 3

SFR 102 – Structure and Function of Woody Plants Laboratory
Introductory concepts on the anatomy and structure of woody plants with an emphasis on the relationship between form and function.
Course Typically Offered: Spring every year
Credits: 1

SFR 439/539 – Biology of Woody Plants
Advanced topics in woody plant biology including growth, development, and reproduction.  Emphasis on forest tree biology and tree responses to abiotic stressors.
Course Typically Offered: Fall even years
Credits: 3

SFR 520 – Tree Physiology
Topics in tree physiology including carbon, nutrient, and water relations. Emphasis on plant structure-function relationships and responses to abiotic stress. Includes a mix of lecture and hands-on lab activities.
Course Typically Offered: Fall odd years
Credits: 3


Past courses

SFR 521 – Research Methods
Provides graduate students with the fundamental research skills needed to successfully prepare for their thesis research, as well as professional careers in scientific research. Students learn how to plan, write, and critique scientific research proposals. Instruction focuses on direct, hands-on learning by writing a proposal that can serve as a student’s graduate thesis research proposal. Students learn to pose relevant, interesting, and researchable questions; design testable hypotheses; develop research goals and objectives; and apply critical thinking skills to design appropriate research methods. Key elements of research planning include funding, project management, responsible conduct in research, and journal publications are covered. Graduate students taking this course will meet the University of Maine’s requirement for Responsible Conduct in Research training.
Credits: 3