UMaine’s Forest Land Resources

The University Forest Office is responsible for the management of all University of Maine and University of Maine Foundation forest lands. The office is responsible for several properties accounting for over 14,000 acres of land throughout the state of Maine.

The following information regarding outlying lands under the jurisdiction of the University Forests Office of the School of Forest Resources is provided for your information. It represents a summary of the lands available for possible use by the College in conjunction with the objectives and characteristics of the individual parcels.

If you have questions regarding this information, contact the person whose name is listed with the parcel in question, or contact Keith Kanoti (University Forest Manager) at 581-2849 or 944-6841.

Note: Please be patient as we are updating our website and links! Contact Keith Kanoti with any questions regarding the properties below. Thank you!

University of Maine Lands

The following are properties owned by the University of Maine, including the Dwight B. Demeritt Forest, campus woodlands, MAFES lands, and outlying woodlands.

More information regarding MAFES properties:

University of Maine Foundation Lands

The following are University of Maine Foundation Lands, including the Penobscot Experimental Forest and Green Endowment lands.